2020 NWT & Nunavut Geoscience Symposium – call for submissions
The Northwest Territories Geological Survey, in association with the NWT & Nunavut Chamber of Mines, is organizing the 2020 NWT & Nunavut Geoscience Symposium, a free online showcase of the latest geoscience‐related research in the territories and will encompass:

  • Mineral exploration
  • Geoscience
  • Energy geoscience
  • Permafrost science
  • Environmental science
  • Engagement and education
  • Regulatory updates
  • Resource development

Posters and pre‐recorded oral presentations will be available via downloadable PDF files of posters and YouTube links of oral presentations. The presentation’s title and authors, and a link to the presentation file will be made available to the public online on the NTGS website on November 23. No registration or fees will be required to present or view presentations. Expression of Interest Submission Deadline: October 2. For your presentation to be considered please submit the following information to info@geosympos.ca

  • Email subject line as ‘Theme + Last Name of the presenter’
  • Corresponding author’s name – email – phone number
  • Presenter’s name
  • Theme (Mineral Exploration, Geological Mapping, Energy Geoscience, etc.)
  • Presentation type (either poster or oral presentation)
  • Title of the presentation/poster
  • List of authors (Initials and Last name e.g., ‘B. Knox’) and their affiliations (e.g., Northwest Territories Geological Survey, Yellowknife, NT)
  • Presentation summary (maximum 200 words, no references or figures)

Click here for the invitation which includes more details.
Nunavut mineral tenure relief – lease rental waiver form
The Government of Canada is supporting mineral tenure relief in Nunavut by extending certain time limits established by Nunavut Mining Regulations. The move extends time limits to pay rent for mineral leases under the regulations that become due between March 13 and October 29 inclusively by up to six months, and not extending beyond October 30. Canada has also amended the Nunavut Mining Regulations to waive for one year, upon request in writing to the Department of Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, the payment of annual rent on mineral leases due in the one-year period from March 13, 2020 to March 12, 2021. Any rent that has been paid before the amendment comes into force is waived in the following year. Also, time limits to initiate rent collection procedures, as well as time limits for holders of recorded mineral claims to apply for a mineral lease that fall in the same time period are equally extended in the same way.
Click here for CIRNAC’s annual lease rental payment waiver form.

Contact is Karen.Dunphy@canada.ca.
Please note the rent relief announced August 13 only applies to companies with mineral leases on Crown Lands in Nunavut and does not apply to Crown Lands in Northwest Territories.

China Mining to launch virtual platform – investor potential
The China Mining Association is establishing a virtual platform which includes an opportunity for businesses seeking investment to highlight their projects. The platform will also host mining and supply companies seeking to enter the Chinese market. The platform will be officially launched before the 2020 China Mining Conference and Exhibition (October 22-24) which will be online this year. Exhibitors content on CMA’s online platform will be free during the China Mining conference and thereafter on the website.
Chamber of Mines’ members interested in having their NWT projects included please contact Menzie McEachern and Benji Straker at the GNWT.
Director, Mineral and Petroleum Resources
NWT Industry, Tourism and Investment
Manager, Mineral Resources Planning
Industry, Tourism and Investment
Mineral and Petroleum Resources