Under the Engineering and Geoscience Act of the Northwest Territories and the Engineers and Geoscientists Act of Nunavut, NAPEG has been given the responsibility to regulate the practices of professional engineering and professional geoscience and to govern the professions in accordance with the Acts and bylaws. Further, NAPEG has been given the responsibility to establish and maintain standards of knowledge, skill, care and professional ethics among its members, members-in-training and licensees, in order that the interests of the public may be served and protected. One way that NAPEG fulfills its responsibility is through its power to discipline those who are guilty of unprofessional conduct. Procedures to investigate complaints and decide on their outcome are stipulated by the Acts.

Registrants must conform to the Code of Ethics. A breach of the Code of Ethics is unprofessional conduct under the Act and is subject to disciplinary action.

A complaint against a NAPEG registrant is brought to the attention of NAPEG, in writing and addressed to the Executive Director, with a full description of the complaint and includes the signature, name and address of the complainant. The Executive Director transmits the complaint to the Chair of the Discipline Committee. The Chair of the Discipline Committee gives notice to the practitioner and includes a copy of the complaint.

In addition, the NAPEG Code of Ethics #12 says that Professional Engineers and Professional Geoscientists shall advise the Executive Director, without delay, of the initiation of discipline proceedings against themselves by an extraterritorial disciplinary body. Please send information relating to the issue, in confidence, directly to NAPEG’s Executive Director and Registrar at registrar@napeg.nt.ca.