In November 2022, the Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) put forward Bill 67: An Act to Amend the Fire Prevention Act (Bill 67). Bill 67 has been referred to the Standing Committee on Government Operations (Committee) for review.


Bill 67 proposes several changes to the Fire Prevention Act with the aim to:


  1. Add liability exclusion for fire officials, including the Fire Marshal, performing statutory functions under the Fire Prevention Act.
  2. Authorize the Fire Marshal to delegate their duties and powers to certain persons in the public service.
  3. Make requirements in the Fire Marshal’s plan review reports binding as orders.
  4. Establish a Plan Review Appeal Board
  5. Modernize language in the Act, including gender-neutral language

For more information on the proposed changes, a plain language summary is available at:


The formal text of Bill 67 is available at:


The existing Fire Prevention Act is available at:


MLAs are reviewing Bill 67 and welcome feedback


Committee is now reviewing Bill 67. We are seeking your input and want to ensure the proposed changes to the Fire Prevention Act are what Northerners want and need.


Your input can help identify potential changes to strengthen Bill 67.  It may also assist Committee to determine whether they should support Bill 67 or not.


There are two ways to give your input:


  1. Appear as a witness at the public hearing. This allows you to speak to the Committee directly, either in-person or virtually. The public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, January 12, 2023, at 12 PM.


  1. Provide a written submission. This is your opportunity to write a letter to the Committee with your thoughts on the changes proposed in Bill 67. All submissions are provided to the Committee for their consideration.  The deadline to provide a written submission is Friday, January 6, 2023, at 5:00 PM (MST).  Please send your written submissions to


Should you require anything further please contact Committee Clerk, Cynthia James by email at:


We look forward to hearing from you on this important matter.


Rylund Johnson


Standing Committee on Government Operations