Engineers Canada is looking for licensed software engineers to share their passion for their work, and their knowledge of the field through 30-minute phone interviews.

We are revising the 2016 Engineers Canada Paper on Software Engineering, a public document that helps Canada’s engineering regulators define the practice of software engineering in Canada. This paper was developed in collaboration with engineers and engineering regulators to promote consistent practices and a stronger public understanding of engineering fields across the country.

If you are a licensed software engineer, your experience can help improve our work on this topic. Your input through this short interview will help us create meaningful, real-world examples of software engineering practice and help both regulators and the public better understand software engineering. Data gathered during the interview process will provide us with valuable insights that will benefit both the engineering profession and the public. 

To volunteer and contribute your knowledge, please contact Ryan Melsom, Manager, Qualifications and CEQB Secretary at by October 15, 2021.