Please show your support by attending the Chamber of Mines Presentation in YK City Council Chambers at NOON Monday January 7, 2019 – bring along other Mineral Industry members, suppliers, employees and associates so Council can see that the health of the Mineral Industry is a LOCAL issue.

City Council has invited the Chamber of Mines to provide input into the YK City Strategic Plan the City Council is developing to guide its four year mandate.  This is the first invitation for the Mineral Industry to present to City Council in over a decade.  It follows the first meeting at City Hall between the Chamber and the Mayor in over eight years last month.  The outcome of the strategic planning process will direct the focus of City Council 2022.

Many councillors and City staff have not been exposed to the importance of the mineral industry to the development and current day economy of Yellowknife.  Few remember the impact of the closure of the gold mines.  This is our opportunity to point out the need for the City to adopt a strategy to significantly improve the mineral investment climate both directly and by working with other levels of government to soften the impact of the closure of the diamond mines.

Please attend and bring your associates.