The group Yellowknife women’s entry into Engineers Canada’s Feats of Gingerbread Holiday Challenge got the most votes for their ‘Christmas at the Treeline’ gingerbread scene.

After voting closed, the team finished with 717 votes, barely beating the 2nd place team who finished with 699 votes.

The group, formed by five women, Giroux, Jennie Rausch, Kelly McLaughlin, Delia Cheworth, and Amy Wilkinson raised $5,201 on their own.

Because they received the most votes, the money they raised was matched by challenge hosts Engineers Canada. The money will be heading to Food Rescue Yellowknife.

Alex Giroux, team member said that it wasn’t until the halfway point where the team realized they had a serious chance of winning.

“Voting was open for three weeks and we weren’t expecting it to take off the way it did. We saw the numbers midway through and realized we had a shot.”

The scene was made by a group of women consisting of two engineers, a teacher, a lawyer, and a biologist who created the scene to be a feat of engineering.

The “Christmas at the Treeline” creation is on display at the Centre Square Mall Lower Level.

 Contact for Northern Gingerbread(wo)men:  Jennie Rausch, 867-444-9753,

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