Again this year, in celebration of National Engineering and Geoscience Week (NEGW), NAPEG sponsored two outreach events that showed young people how engineering and geoscience skills are used every day in their lives. 

The 2019 NEGW was held February 23 through March 2.   

Those who were in the Yellowknife Public Library  on Saturday, February 23rd saw the huge success of NAPEG’s third annual coding event for kids, organized to give young people a chance to learn about coding. In this event twenty three kids participated in this event.

It’s a common site to see kids – and adults – with their heads down, concentrating on screens. The happy crowd of kids participating in the coding event certainly were heads-down, but the huge smiles, shouts of excitement and bright eyes told a story of kids engaged in their coding assignments, thrilled to be part of the engineering challenge and delighted with their success. Kids also had opportunity to see the different types of rock & minerals and assemble balsa wood glider planes.

“The terms ‘engineering’ and ‘geoscience’ can be quite intimidating for young people. When they can see the principles of our professions applied to tasks they are familiar with, they can absorb some of the foundations of our work and gain a better understanding of the important role our professions play in their lives,” offered Sudhir. “The youngsters participating in the coding event had a chance to practise some hands-on engineering skills – and had a terrific time at the same time.”

Again, hats off to all the volunteers, teachers, students and parents who made these events possible during NEGW- National Engineering and Geoscience Week.

Coding Event for Kids – View Photos

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