On April 15, 2023, in celebration of National Engineering and Geoscience Week (NEGW), NAPEG sponsored an outreach event that offered young people in Yellowknife the opportunity to take part in fun and educational STEM activities and learn more about what it’s like to work in these jobs. 

About 3o children and youth participated in the event, where they had the chance to try several different hands-on activities, including computer coding, 3D printing, flying a drone, ,exploring the world of rocks and minerals ,chart your course, and learning about various engineering disciplines . Sudhir Jha, P.Eng, a member of the NAPEG , organized and facilitated the event with the support of Yuri Kinakin, P.Geo. , Kamran Atta, P.Eng, and Isha, volunteer. 

“National Engineering and Geoscience Week is a chance for us, as professionals, to share what’s interesting and unique about our work, and a big part of that is encouraging young people to pursue careers in STEM. What better way to learn and become engaged than by trying out these activities in a fun, experimental way?” Jha said.  

In small groups each led by an adult facilitator, participants worked on coding a computer program; using a 3D printer to create a toy of their choosing and learned how the printer works; operating a drone and learning the regulations around using one in public airspace; and examining rock and mineral samples to identify their various properties. They also used various materials to build bridges, cars, and trailers as a way to learn about engineering and physics concepts. 

“It was wonderful to see so many kids take an interest in engineering and geoscience and enjoy themselves while learning,” Jha said. “We were happy to see such strong participation by our community, and we really appreciate all the parents who took the time to bring their children to this event. I also want to thank Kamran , Yuri , Isha and Smart communities organization for their incredible help and support in making this year’s event happen. They were integral to our success.”

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