Instructors: Kirsty Ketchum PGeol (NT, NU), Eduardo Marquez PGeo (BC),
Stephen Day PGeo (BC, NT, NU, NL), PGeol (AB)

Course Description – This course will:
• Introduce the causes and potential impacts of acid rock drainage (ARD) in non-mining environments.
• Provide practical information on recognizing rocks and minerals that are likely to cause ARD or metal leaching issues.
• Provide information on recognizing existing ARD issues/impacts.
• Include simple field tests/methods.
• Focus on examples in the Northwest Territories.
• Include regulatory requirements in jurisdictions elsewhere in Canada (including lab testing expectations).
• Discuss remediation options for non-mining impacts.

The course is intended for aggregate producers and users, personnel conducting environmental work for infrastructure projects, government regulators, students, educators and City of Yellowknife residents requiring background information on ARD in non-mining environments.

Location – Northern United Place Auditorium (to be confirmed)

Registration Information:
• Cost for participants – $40
• Short course registration is through the Geoscience Forum website.
• Note that conference registration is not mandatory in order to register for the short course
• Maximum # of participants is 40

Contact Information:
Kirsty Ketchum
Direct: +1-867-766-6333, Email: