Explore the key elements of and changes to the Building By-law by checking out this document: “Building By-law is changing, How?”

The current Building By-law, adopted by the City in 2008, is being updated. On February 28, 2022, Governance and Priorities Committee heard a presentation and discussed a memorandum regarding considerations regarding the repeal and replacement of the Building By-law No. 4469, as amended.

The NWT Cities, Towns and Villages Act gives the City authority to regulate construction practices and standards in Yellowknife. The City does this through the Building By-law

The City’s Building By‐law provides regulations regarding the construction, alteration, repair and demolition of buildings, structures and excavations. 

Administration has developed a new Draft Building By‐law containing a full range of high‐priority construction updates and requirements.

The goal of the new By‐law is to provide a clear and consistent framework, clarity of process and responsiveness to the client’s needs. 

The new Draft Building By‐law provides a clear and consistent framework, clarity of process, and responsiveness to client’s needs.

The Draft By-law is straightforward, easy for the development community to follow, and will reduce the cost of building in Yellowknife.

Prior to 2pm, March 30th  email your comments for feedback to BuildingBylaw@yellowknife.ca

Attention of:

Greg Littlefair, BSc, RSE.

Manager, Building Services

Planning & Development

City of Yellowknife