Did you know that members in good standing at participating regulators automatically have Secondary Professional Liability Insurance (SPLI)? 

Managed and administered by Engineers Canada, with broker Pro-Form Sinclair Professional and insurer AXA XL, this unique program ensures that you, the public, and the reputation of the engineering profession stay protected in numerous cases involving professional services, including, for example, whistleblowing, retirement, intellectual property, data loss, mentorship, and more.  

Beyond personal protection for professional services, SPLI plays an important role in ensuring that engineers feel comfortable in situations involving professional risk. Whether it’s whistleblowing, mentoring, or working abroad, SPLI allows you to more securely take actions that promote the overall health and reputation of the engineering profession. 

Whistleblowing coverage 

As part of the Secondary Professional Liability Insurance available to members in good standing at participating regulators, engineers are covered in situations of whistleblowing. 

As a self-regulated profession, engineering in Canada relies on a deep trust with members of the public. 

If you find yourself in a situation where a colleague or employer has engaged in illegal or unethical practices, your professional responsibility to report what you know may come into conflict with practical considerations such as legal costs, loss of employment, and the expenses of finding new work. 

The whistleblower coverage of the SPLI program helps you do the right thing, offering substantial financial support when you need to say something. The coverage not only protects you financially, but also helps create a thriving engineering profession that can continue to the betterment of Canadian society. 

For more information 

Learn more about the SPLI program, participating regulators, coverage amounts, examples of SPLI claims, and frequently asked questions on the Engineers Canada website.    

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