Imagining our collective future in the north. 

Explore the future of the north through a series of workshops to visualize how Science, Technology/trades, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) guides the outlook of tomorrow.

Build your digital literacy and creative skills, learn natural sciences and learn how to design with new technologies! Recommended for youth aged 14-25.

Participate in workshops and challenges throughout the weekend that will give you the skills to utilize multiple mediums to conceptualize and communicate what ‘Designing Our Future’ can be like.

Why Attend?

Create stories with technology

How can we imagine the future through stories? Learn how to use Twine to build interactive and digital narratives and create a word-based video game. 

Land-Based Workshops

What does our relationship with the land look like now and in the future?  Explore how we may build a relationship between land-based  knowledge and digital technologies. 

Design – Build

How do we turn our ideas into reality? Participate in a design-build workshop were you get to design AND build a project from start to finish.

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers and Mentors will participate as supports for the delivery of the convention and as guides for youth participants.

Contact to support the Youth in STEAM Convention.


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