On June 4, 2022, at the 74th Meeting of the Board of Directors of Geoscientists Canada, held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Yuri Kinakin, P.Geo., took office as President for the 2022-2023 year after serving a year as President Elect. Mr. Kinakin resides in Yellowknife, NT, and is a Processing Manager at Rio Tinto Exploration Canada Inc.

Mr. Kinakin holds a B.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2005), with joint honours in Physics and Earth Sciences and is a professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) registered with the Northwest Territories and Nunavut Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (NAPEG).

As a volunteer in a variety of professional and learned organisations, Mr. Kinakin has served in several roles including as a Council member of NAPEG. Mr. Kinakin has served as Northwest Territories and Nunavut Director of Geoscientists Canada since 2018 and has served on the Executive Committee since 2019. During his tenure on the Geoscientists Canada Board of Directors, Mr. Kinakin has served as a Geoscientists Canada Treasurer, and as a member of the Securities Committee, the EDI and Practising Geoscientists Task Force, and the Website Refresh Working Group.

In fulfilling his duties as President, Mr. Kinakin will have a focus on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and CPD opportunities for geoscience professionals.
Also, during the June 4, 2022 Geoscientists Canada Board of Directors meeting, Mr. Doug Bell, P.Geo., FGC, director for Manitoba, was elected as President Elect. Ms. Christine Vaillancourt, P.Geo., FGC, director for Ontario, was elected as Treasurer of Geoscientists Canada.

The geoscience profession, which encompasses many specialized practice disciplines, currently comprises over 14,000 licensed professionals (P.Geo.) and Geoscientists-in-Training registered with geoscience regulators across Canada.
With nine (9) constituent association members, Geoscientists Canada is the national organization of the provincial and territorial licensing bodies that regulate the practice of geoscience in Canada.

Geoscientists Canada’s Mission is to support its constituent associations in their efforts to improve the effectiveness of regulation in Canada and achieve excellence in the geoscience profession.

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Press Release – President 2022-2023 Geoscientists Canada

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