The Beta release of Natural Resources Canada’s new CAN-QUEST (NECB 2011) software is now available for download at no charge.

CAN-QUEST is Natural Resources Canada’s newest building energy modelling software. Building on eQUEST 3.62, the popular U.S. tool, CAN-QUEST includes Canadian weather data, support for metric and imperial units, and provides English and French language interfaces.

CAN-QUEST was created as a tool to support performance path compliance with the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings (NECB 2011).

CAN-QUEST has many improvements over earlier building energy modeling software including advanced two and three dimensional graphical representation of a building’s geometry; parametric runs, to quickly assess different energy efficient designs; and support for technologies such as photovoltaics, ground loop heat exchangers, co-generation, thermal storage and new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system types.

CAN-QUEST Training

NRCan has developed two training courses on CAN-QUEST for provinces and territories to use in training building design professionals in their jurisdiction:

  • a one-day introduction to NECB 2011 and CAN-QUEST for building owners and managers, building inspectors and city planners, architects and engineers that will manage NECB 2011 compliance projects; and
  • a two-day hands-on course focused entirely on the software’s features and on the modelling process, has been developed for the architects, engineers and technicians who will prepare building energy models to show NECB 2011 compliance.

CAN-QUEST training will be coordinated across Canada by individual jurisdictions having authority, through their code offices, their utilities and other stakeholder organisations with expertise in the building sector. Training materials will be available from NRCan between the winter of 2013 and the spring of 2014.

For further information about NECB 2011 and CAN-QUEST, please visit our Energy Code web pages, e-mail, or phone 1-877-360-5500 (toll-free) / 613-992-3245 in the National Capital Region.