Reporting of CPD Activities is now mandatory and is done online. You are asked to report 80 PD Hours each year. Fifty (50) PDH’s can be from on-going professional practice (your employment). The other thirty (30) can be gained in a number of ways, including attending conferences, presenting technical reports, taking courses for credit, volunteer activities within your community, and so on. The full list is available within the Continuing Professional Development Program on the NAPEG Website.

In addition, you need to use your own judgment in selecting activities that relate to your individual scope of practice and that work best for your continued learning. As an example, your plan may embody some or all of the following concepts: application or development of technical theory; learning new concepts; practical experience; management of engineering or geosciences; communication and business skills; public, community, and professional service; environmental implications of engineering and geosciences; and computer technology.

NAPEG Continuing Professional Development Program