On behalf of the NAPEG Council, I encourage all NAPEG members to join family, friends and their communities to observe Remembrance Day 2017.

Communities across Canada are profiling Remembrance Day and the commemoration of Canada’s involvement in the two world wars under the theme of “Canada Remembers.” Our active involvement in local ceremonies ensures that we do, indeed, remember the sacrifices of our men and women in uniform, and the principles and way of life they fought so bravely to protect. In fact, 2017 is the 100th anniversary of the famous Battle of Passchendaele.

We also have a responsibility to share the reasons behind Canada’s involvement – and how the sacrifices of thousands upon thousands of Canadians were instrumental in ensuring the lifestyle we enjoy in 2017 – with our children. We hope our children will never know the grievous conditions our military suffered in these and more recent wars, but we do want to impress upon them that every individual enjoying life in Canada has a responsibility to uphold and protect our way of life.

Many Canadians have immigrated to our country from other nations that have experienced the horrors of war first hand. They have chosen a country that values diversity of culture, religion and individual differences, where Canadians join together to work toward a culture coast to coast that celebrates and respects diversity, a culture where we can all live together in peace and fulfilment. 

We haven’t yet achieved that vision, but I truly believe Canada will achieve it some day. Through my work and my volunteer commitments, I see people of very different backgrounds coming together to work out mutually agreeable solutions to shared problems. I see cooperation at the grassroots level and government policies at all levels of government that facilitate cooperation and consideration. I see good people trying to do good things for those in need.

All of these things contribute to a Canada that will continue to reflect the values and qualities that those who have fought for Canada held dear. On November 11, please honour these brave men and women. Lest we forget.