NAPEG has recently obtained a new software system to manage registrant records. The implementation of this new database is happening in conjunction with the development of our new and improved Member Directory. The new self-service portal can be accessed through the “Members Only” tab on the NAPEG website.
In order to complete the transition to the new database, all current registrants will be required to complete an activation process in order to gain access to their individual online account.
Activating your account is a simple process that will confirm your identity and provide you with the opportunity to confirm or update the information NAPEG has on file for you. Once you have activated your account, you will be able to view your registrant profile, make changes to your home address, place of employment and select your communication preference.  We anticipate more online services will be added in the near future.
Click on the link that we sent you in order to begin.
Enter your Registration Number (not necessarily five digits as originally instructed in your online activation email that you received) and the Activation Code that you were provided.
Once you have activated your account and confirmed or updated your information, logout to complete the process (you will be redirected to the Welcome screen again), and you may now close your browser.
If you have any questions or difficulties activating your account, please contact NAPEG at or 867-920-4055, and a staff member will be pleased to assist you with the process.
Thank you!