Today, we remember the fourteen young females (mostly engineering students) who were murdered at  Universite du Montreal's Ecole polytechnique simply because they were women.

If there is a ceremony in your community, please attend. Here is a list of those who died that day:

Anne-Marie Lemay (Mechanical); Anne-Marie      Edward (Chemical); Annie St. Arneault (Mechanical); Annie Turcotte (Mechanical); Barbara Daigneault (Mechanical); Barbara Klucznik-Widajewicz (Nursing); Genevieve Bergeron (Mechanical); Helene Colgan (Mechanical); Maryse Laganiere (employee); Maryse Leclair (Metallurgy); Maud Haviernick (Metallurgical); Michele Richard (Metallurgical); Natalie Croteau (Mechancial); and Sonia Pelletier (Mechanical).

Please check out the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation for more information and to make donations toward scholarships.