In order to take advantage of the benefits of computer-based testing the National Professional Practice Examination (NPPE) will be moving from paper-based administration to computer-based administration. The last paper-based NPPE administration will be the July 2015 exam administration. The first computer-based exam administration will occur in October 2015. Many of the features of the NPPE will remain the same, for example the exam will continue to contain multiple-choice questions with proportionate representation from the examination syllabus. However some aspects of the exam will be changed. Below is a summary list of the changes to the NPPE that will correspond with the move to computer-based testing:

NPPE characteristics




Number of questions on exam



Ten additional ‘experimental’ questions will be added to the NPPE in order to gather statistical information on new questions to be included on future examinations. These ten questions will not be scored; scoring will be based on 100 ‘operational’ questions on the examination. The experimental questions and operational questions will not be identified to candidates taking the examination.

Exam time limit

2 hours

2.5 hours

In order to provide more time for applicants to answer all 110 questions on the examination an additional 30 minutes of time will be added. The time per minute to answer each question will therefore go from 1.2 minutes to 1.36 minutes per question, providing extra time for applicants to complete all questions on the exam in the time allotted.

Price of the exam


$241.50 (including GST)

If writing outside of Northwest Territories, but within Canada, an additional $105.00 "Writing Fee" is required.  If writing in the USA, an additional $262.50 "Writing Fee" is required.  An additional $420.00 "Writing Fee" is required for sites outside of North America.  All additional writing fees are payable in Canadian Funds.

Exam administration date

1 day

Over 3 days with morning and afternoon timeslots

The examination date will change from only one day to being over a period of three days with a morning and afternoon session on each day. This will allow applicants to better accommodate their schedules with more exam day/time options and allow for the volume of applicants to be accommodated at each test centre location during the exam administration window.

Test centre locations

Limited locations

Almost 200 test center locations across Canada

The computer-based examination vendor selected for this initiative, Yardstick, oversees a large number of computerized proctored test centre locations across Canada in every province and territory. Applicants taking the NPPE will have access to a much larger selection of locations limiting travel time for applicants. In addition to Canadian test centre options remote test-taking locations and US and international can be accommodated.




Will there be an option to write a paper-based NPPE after the July 2015 administration?

No. The October 2015 exam administration will be computer-based with no paper option available. The last paper-based NPPE administration will be the July 2015 session.

Will the computer-based NPPE be more difficult or easier than the paper-based exam?

No. The computer-based NPPE will be made to be equivalent to the paper-based examination.

Will there be a way for me to familiarize myself with the computer-based testing interface prior to taking the exam?

Yes. All applicants who register for a computer-based exam administration will have access to a free tutorial quiz prior to the exam administration date that will be very similar to the actual exam interface.

Are there online practice materials I can access to help me prepare for the NPPE?

Yes. An online NPPE practice test is available to help prepare for the examination. The questions on the practice test are retired questions from actual historical administrations of the NPPE. The computer-based testing interface of the NPPE practice test will be very similar to the actual NPP Examination testing interface. Click HERE to access the NPPE practice test site.

Will the computer-based NPPE continue to be a multiple-choice exam?

Yes. The computer-based examination will continue to be composed of four option multiple-choice questions.

Do the questions appear all in one page and are viewed by scrolling, or do they appear on the screen one at a time?

The questions will appear one at a time on your screen. You will be able to go back and forth between questions on the exam without limitation until you submit your exam responses and end the exam.

If I change my mind can I go back and change my answer?

Yes. Any time during the exam you can move between questions, go back to questions you have answered, and change your answers to questions.

How do I time my exam?

The proctor at the test centre will be timing the exam and there will be an electronic timer on the examination interface letting you know how much time has elapsed on the exam.

I have special needs. Can I still attempt the computer-based exam?

Yes. Every effort to accommodate applicants with special needs will be made. Large print is accommodated through the computer-based software user interface by increasing the font size. Special accommodations such as extra time, a separate room, special lighting, and other requests must be made to APEGA for approval.

If there is an interruption during my exam sitting as a result of a power failure or computer malfunction will I lose all the answers I have provided so far?

No. As you answer questions on the exam your responses are saved on a central server. If the power or internet is interrupted as soon as you get back into the examination you will commence the exam where you left off, even if you switch computers.

If I fail the exam will I receive a report outlining where I can focus my study to do better in the future?

Yes. Applicants who were not successful in passing the exam will receive a mastery report outlining the syllabus areas of the examination where study effort should be focused.

When will I receive the exam results after I take the computer-based examination?

Results will be provided to applicants before the registration deadline for the next NPPE administration date, typically 3-4 weeks after the exam administration date.

How do I register for the first computer-based NPPE in October 2015?

NAPEG applicants can register for the October 2015 exam by completing and submitting the Application to Write the NPPE Exam Application Form which can be found in our Forms Library.

Will the NPPE be available in both English and French?

Yes. The exam will be available in English and French for all applicants taking the examination. Applicants can flip between English and French language versions of the exam if they choose.